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Three years after gaining his diploma at the age of 23, Giuseppe Müller and his friend and business partner set up a business in Ascona in 1957. 6 years later, Giuseppe (Zep to his friends) continued with the business own his own. He now has six employees as well as his wife Heidi, who is also helping him out.
The economic growth throughout Locarnese is mostly down to the high level of service, and finally leads to the company employing up to 18 staff members. Visible signs of the company G. Müller, one of the best in the industry, can be found not only in big hotels, restaurants, boutiques and churches, but above all in many villas and private apartments, which make up 90% of their business activities.
Since 1970 the Müller family has been living in Via Aerodromo 24, which is where the head office is and where the instructions come from and work is assigned. After 50 years in business, G. + M. Müller now as 12 employees, working under the experienced management of Mr Giuseppe and his son Mirko, who gained his diploma in 1983.
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