Colour therapy

Colours and their therapeutic benefits


Each colour has a different effect. There are warm shades such as red, yellow, brown and orange, that has a stimulating and invigorating effect. 
Cold shades such as blue, purple and sky blue have a relaxing and germicidal effect. Every primary colour, because of its energetic properties, is associated with specific therapeutic benefits. 


Why don't you treat yourself and benefit from the positive energy of colours to allow body and mind to find harmony and their natural equilibrium?



It is a warm colour and gives you renewed physical energy. It benefits the heart and circulation and can be very stimulating. 



It is also one of the warm colours. It has a purifying effect and encourages joie de vivre, wellbeing and openness.  



It has a balancing effect and helps promote inner tranquillity, enthusiasm and happiness. It has strong stimulating properties and promotes a positive mood.  



The energy of the colour green is neutral. It is the therapeutic colour par excellence. Since it is neither warm nor cold, it stands for equilibrium. It helps with depressive episodes, has antibacterial properties and has an effect on the nervous system by alleviating insomnia and irritability. 



It has cold energy. Its effects are calming, analgesic, refreshing and relaxing. 



It is also one of the cold colours. It purifies the blood, refreshes and strengthens the muscles; it stimulates hearing, vision and a sense of smell and promotes intuition. 



Which has a cold energy, is very energetic and helps reduce sciatica symptoms, neuralgia and acne. It has blood purifying properties, it is excellent for wound healing and it promotes spirituality and inspiration. 

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